Smart Irrigation for Commercial Properties in Tennessee

by | Nov 15, 2023

The integration of smart technology updates has seamlessly enhanced many aspects of our lives. Today, we’ll see how irrigation practices are being revolutionized thanks to this same smart technology.

Smart irrigation technology makes it easier for commercial properties in Tennessee and across the USA to maintain their visual appeal while staying within budget. By conserving water, time, and money, smart irrigation allows commercial properties to thrive with its low-maintenance system and advanced technology settings designed to prevent overwatering. Given Tennessee’s susceptibility to flooding and excessive rainfall, commercial property owners should consider investing in a smart irrigation system to address these challenges effectively.

Join us as we explore the advantages that make smart irrigation systems the top enhancement for commercial properties in Tennessee.


What is Smart Irrigation?

In a world dominated by smartphones and smart home devices, it’s not surprising that we now have irrigation systems equipped with intelligent technology. A smart irrigation system monitors environmental conditions to sustain the health of a property’s grass and landscaping, ensuring it receives the optimal amount of water daily. Unlike regular irrigation systems that operate on a fixed timer, a smart irrigation system can assess precipitation levels and gauge soil moisture. These assessments can help prevent unnecessary watering after significant rainfall. As a result, this keeps properties lush and vibrant, and contributes to substantial savings in both water usage and costs.

These systems can be conveniently managed through user-friendly apps, providing flexible and on-demand control. Whether for residential or commercial properties, these intelligent devices are valuable additions. This technology is brilliant and undoubtedly points toward the future of irrigation in Tennessee.


Benefits of Smart Irrigation for Commercial Properties

The term “smart” in smart irrigation is not just a label; it has many advantages, especially for Middle Tennessee commercial properties. From water conservation to cost-effectiveness, installing smart irrigation systems is a wise choice for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of commercial properties. Amidst the demands of work projects and tasks, the last thing you should worry about is the upkeep of your lawn. Implementing a smart irrigation system not only enhances the overall appearance of your commercial building but also saves water, money, and, most importantly, your valuable time. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of smart irrigation:

  1. Accessibility: Like other smart-operated systems, a smart irrigation system provides remote access through a user-friendly app. A user-friendly app is especially useful in situations like unexpected rain, allowing users to promptly shut off water to save costs or in the event of a water line break to prevent further damage.
  2. Control Multiple Properties: Commercial building managers often oversee multiple properties. Despite not being physically present at each location simultaneously, a smart irrigation system allows them to manage and monitor irrigation systems for each property efficiently.
  3. Advanced Sensors: Smart irrigation sensors have the opportunity to help with rain, flow, and moisture, assessing the specific needs of your property. These sensors utilize data from rainfall and local weather forecasts to determine when water flow should be activated or deactivated in specific areas of your property.
  4. Water Conservation: Despite being an irrigation system, smart technology ensures efficient water usage. Unlike traditional systems that run continuously, a smart irrigation system only utilizes water when necessary. Only using water when necessary promotes water conservation and responsible usage tailored to your property’s needs.
  5. Cost Savings: Although the initial investment in a smart irrigation system might be higher than that of a regular system, the long-term savings are significant. By using only the necessary amount of water, you’ll experience substantial cost savings over time. You will only pay for the water you use rather than dealing with excess water bills.


Recent Advances in Smart Irrigation Technology

The long-term impact of irrigation on the environmental footprint is undeniable. Approximately 50% of water used in commercial and residential irrigation is estimated to be wasted through evaporation, water runoff, wind, or over-watering. The consequences, ranging from erosion to pollution and energy consumption, can lead to serious ecological damage over time.

By recognizing these environmental challenges, it becomes apparent that implementing smart irrigation is a sustainable solution. Smart irrigation systems are pivotal in mitigating these issues while promoting responsible water usage. Particularly in regions like the Nashville metro area, where natural factors such as flooding and excess rainfall historically impact many properties, the importance of smart irrigation becomes evident. A staggering 28,580 properties in the Nashville area face a greater than 26% chance of severe flooding over the next 30 years.

Smart irrigation technology offers a proactive approach to address these challenges. By enabling users to control water flow before a storm, smart irrigation systems help prevent over-watering and subsequent property damage. Over time, widespread implementation of smart irrigation has the potential to substantially contribute to reducing the overall environmental footprint of commercial properties.


Is Smart Irrigation Worth it?

In short, yes – especially for commercial properties. From convenience to cost savings and environmental benefits, the advantages make implementing a smart irrigation system a completely positive decision. Although there might be a slight learning curve initially, the long-term ease of managing your commercial property in Tennessee makes it a worthwhile investment.


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