Featured Project: Church of the City Franklin, TN Main Level Lobby

by | Dec 14, 2022

Nothing excites us more than seeing our vision come to life at the end of a completed project! Learn more about Reed Land & Hardscaping’s latest completed project for the Church of the City in Franklin, TN.


Who is Church of the City?

Church of the City (COTC) is a nondenominational church located in Franklin, Tennessee. The church is founded on the beliefs of the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Evangelical Statement of Faith. With 3 COTC churches located around the Nashville metro area, Church of City has provided a citywide church home for the community to gather and worship. Each COTC church is led by the lead pastor, Darren Whitehead, a worship team, staff, and volunteer teams on site. From children and teens to young adults and adults, Church of the City Franklin has created a welcoming environment to connect, worship, and serve.

Learn more about Chruch of the City and what their vision and beliefs are by checking out the YouTube video below.


Who is DeAngelis Diamond Construction, LLC?

DeAngelis Diamond Construction, LLC was founded in 1996 in Naples, Florida by co-founders John DeAngelis and David Diamond. After its growing success in Naples, DeAngelis Diamond Construction, LLC expanded its offices into Sarasota, Fort Myers, Detroit, and Birmingham. This allowed the company to continue to grow in other cities while expanding its portfolio. Today, DeAngelis Diamond Construction, LLC is known as an innovative award-winning construction management firm that continues to lead the construction industry with its diverse portfolio.

Throughout the company’s 26 years of construction experience, their team has completed projects for an array of industries like business, hospitality, non-profit, storage, healthcare, retail, education, churches, and more. With over 4 billion dollars of construction projects across the United States and Caribbean Island, DeAngelis Diamond Construction has repeatedly proven why they are well deserving of their accolades.

If you would like to learn more about DeAngelis Diamond Construction, check out the video below.

We are DeAngelis Diamond! from DeAngelis Diamond on Vimeo.


The Project

In 2019, Church of the City hired DeAngelis Diamond Construction, LLC as their contractor to take on interior renovations to enhance their church. In phase one of the renovation process, DeAngelis Diamond Construction focused on the interior worship area. The DeAngelis Diamond team worked their magic as they transformed the worship center! Check out a timelapse of phase one being completed by the DeAngelis Diamond Construction, LLC

In late 2021, DeAngelis Diamond was hired to take on another commercial construction project with the Church of the City Franklin. In this project, DeAngelis Diamond Construction was working on adding a main-level lobby to the church. DeAngelis Diamond subcontracted Reed Land & Hardscaping to work on-site excavation, structural steel concrete footers, interior and exterior flatwork concrete, masonry walls, asphalt sub-base grading, final grading, and landscaping. The new construction project began in March 2022 and was completed by November 2022. Over the course of 8 months, Church of the City Franklin had a new building added to their church as well as landscaping and hardscaping services completed. Check out the incredible construction process in the short timelapse video below!

Church of the City Timelapse

Overall, the Church of City Franklin Main Level Lobby was a cool job to work on from beginning to end. Reed Land & Hardscaping wants to continue to partner with larger-scale, national general contractors to complete large commercial projects in Tennessee.


About Reed Land & Hardscaping

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